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Several specialist companies, including GSA, have been licenced by central Government to carry out Building Regulation checks and issue approvals. Anyone who undertakes work in respect of which Building Regulation approval is required has the option of applying to their local council or, alternatively, using the services of an Approved Inspector.

Our operating licence enables us to provide Building Regulation approvals in respect of all work to which the Building Regulation apply.

No, only in England and Wales.

Yes, we’re happy to provide clients with any Building Regulation related advice they need irrespective of whether or not a formal application has been made to us. In fact we prefer to be consulted early to give us the opportunity to iron out any problematic Building Regulation issues quickly.

We only charge a fee once projects are formally registered with us. 25% of our fee is charged when a project is registered with the remainder becoming due when work is complete. Pre-registration advice is free. Our fees are keenly competitive and are often lower than those charged by local councils.

The company started operating as an Approved Inspector in 2000 and has since provided Approved Inspector service in respect of several thousand projects encompassing virtually the full range of building work.

Each of our clients is paired with one of our surveyors who will see their projects right through from the first contact to completion of the project. This ensures consistency and promotes good working relationships. A back up surveyor is also allocated to help when the lead surveyor is not available. All our surveyors are well qualified and experienced and the service is delivered within a BS EN 9001 quality assurance scheme which is independently audited.

Yes, we can answer Building Regulation queries very quickly, often over the phone or via email. An experienced building control surveyor is always available in our office during normal working hours to answer questions. Plan appraisals take a little longer but can usually be provided between two to five days of receipt of the plans depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

Where a client retains an Approved Inspector to provide Building Regulation approvals, local councils have to be notified at least five working days prior to building work starting. Apart from this five day rule there are no constraints to starting work. Approved Inspectors are not bound by the rule that requires local councils to reject plans that do not show Building Regulation compliance within five weeks if an application being made to them.

Firstly, we work closely with designers to ensure that plans and specifications reflect Building Regulation requirements. Our surveyors then inspect the on going work from time to time and when it is satisfactorily complete we issue a Final Certificate.

Yes, if we see that Building Regulation requirements are likely to be exceeded we will point this out. This provides the obvious potential for cost savings to be made.

Yes, we consult with fire authorities on projects and discuss with them any concerns they have. There is usually no need for any direct dialogue to take place between our clients and fire authorities.

We hold information about all construction related local Act requirements that apply in England and Wales and provide help and advice as to how these can be satisfied. We do this as a matter of course.

Yes, we can receive and read plans and documents sent to us electronically irrespective of their format. We plot all hard copy plans we need in our office.

Yes, we have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance which includes a 10 year ‘run-off’ period. This level of insurance cover is a legal requirement specified by central Government. Maintaining this insurance cover is a condition of our operating licence.

Yes, in the same way as other construction professionals are contractually related to their clients. There is therefore potential for legal redress against an Approved Inspector should a breach of contract occur.

We promote the use of public transport to our staff, use recycled paper where possible, subscribe to the “paperless office” principle and occupy an office that has an energy performance asset rating of 58 (C rating).

Just give us a call and we’ll let you know what information we need.

If you have any other questions or want to register a project with us please contact us.

BS EN 9001 Quality Registered Company

GSA is the trading name of Guy Shattock Associates Ltd.
Registered in England. Company No 3791103 - Vat Number: 733546922.
Registered Office: 2 Blue Prior Business Park, Redfields Lane, Church Crookham, Hampshire GU52 0RJ
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